Computer Facilities

The Learning Centre currently has 28 PCs and 24 laptops available via the Lapsafe. All  computer have  Microsoft Office and fast internet access. The college wireless network also allows you to use your own mobile devices, ie mobile phones, laptops to connect to the internet.  Our new individual and group study booths are also all equipped with charging connection points.

To login for the first time:

Go to Google and search for Microsoft 365

Username:  student    e.g.,                                                      Password:   You will be sent a text with a password before you start college. If you don't have this speak to Learning Centre staff and we will provide one.

The general format for passwords is as follows:

It must have a minimum of 12 characters which should include a Capital Letter, a Number and a special character such as an ! or ?   The system won't accept your name in the password.

Once you have accessed the PCs you will have access to a printing allowance (£10.00)   

A few of our PCs also have specialist software installed, for example.,  Autocad, Microsoft Project, Inventor and Revit.

Staff are always on hand to help with any IT issues you may have.

Use the Lapsafe

Students can borrow a laptop from the Lapsafe cabinet at the bottom of the Learning Centre. The laptop can be borrowed for up to 4 hours. While the laptop can be used outwith the Learning Centre it must always be returned within the 4 hour period.

Before you can borrow you must register on the Lapsafe using your Office 365 username and password.


Last modified: Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 2:16 PM