While we would recommend that you use the library catalogue to find what you are looking for, there are other ways to find information:

Browse the Book Shelves

The majority of the books in the Learning Centre are purchased specifically to support the courses we deliver in the College.  They are organised by subject using Dewey classification scheme. With this scheme, subjects are allocated a number (001 - 999) and the books are organised in sequence according to their number.   For example, Psychology books are at 150, Sociology at 300, Maths 510 etc. Its worthwhile finding out about how we organise our library as it's similar to how the university libraries work so if you are going to University you are likely to feel more confident in the university environment. Check out the following link for further information on Dewey.  Have a wander around; this is probably the best way to become familiar with what is available. 

Ask a member of staff

Learning Centre staff are always on hand to help find the information you may need. They have many years of experience working with students and are familiar with the requirements of the College curriculum.  Asking a member of staff may save you time.

Remember we also subscribe to other resources that may help your course work.  These are listed and explained in our  Online resources  and Social Information File section. 


Last modified: Wednesday, 16 June 2021, 8:36 AM