If you forget your PC password or it is not working contact the Learning Centre Staff in the first instance or email LearningCentre@west-lothian.ac.uk. You can then log in using your Student number as username and the temporary password provided by the Learning Centre team and will be prompted to then change your password. It must be at least 12 digits including a Capital letter, Number and Special Character and cannot include your name. Library staff can tell you your username if you have forgotten that.

e.g.,   15GoldTrRee*!

If you forget your Moodle password, you can contact the Learning Centre or VLE@west-lothian.ac.uk.

For MyCollege password resets you can contact the Enquiries & Admissions team at ChooseCollege@west-lothian.ac.uk.

Last modified: Friday, 16 December 2022, 10:50 AM