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  • As well as the books and DVDs you see in the Learning Centre we have an increasing amount of online digital resources. Below are details and links to these resources. Anything of particular relevance to your course will also be listed in your course area within the VLE.  Where required a username and password are detailed, otherwise use your College  Office 365 Username and password for access  Any problems please contact the Learning Centre staff.   

    Remember the Learning Centre staff are there to support you in finding and using information. As well as the resources listed we can also obtain information from the public libraries and other colleges and universities.  Please do not hesitate to ask for help.

    • Alternative insights into the visual arts with fast paced news, comment, debate....

    • Anatomy TV is an interactive educational resource on human anatomy. It provides interactive 3D models as well as text, slides and video clips.

      Anatomy TV can be used to:

      • find information in an interesting and dynamic way
      • view interactive images and videos
      • find images for use in coursework and presentations   
      • test your knowledge by taking interactive quizzes.

    •  Interactive and video guides to support learning anatomy for resistance training

    • The Courtauld Institute of Art provides access to a searchable database of over 40,000 images from the Courtauld, The Conway Library, and independent photographers.

    • The Business and Management Portal delivers high quality digital reports and other publications from the British Library’s collections to business and management researchers.  You will need to register to be able to access this resource.

    • The Social Welfare Portal provides a single point of access to our vast print and digital collections of research and information on policy development, implementation and evaluation.

    • This gives you access to a small collection of British Standards the College lecturers have chosen.  Use your Office 365 username and password to access.  As part our licence you are able to print and use these standards for your College work, they cannot be used for other purposes.

    • Listen to a selection from the British Library’s extensive collections of unique sound recordings, which come from all over the world and cover the entire range of recorded sound: music, drama and literature, oral history, wildlife and environmental sounds

    • Clickview gives access to hundreds of educational  videos and TV programmes. Your tutor may direct you to specific content or you can browse the content on your own.  Sign in using your college Office 365 email address and password. You will find the sign in button at the top right hand side of the screen.

      Alternatively google search clickview uk or use to take you directly to the Clickview site and use the same usernames and passwords above.

    • A series of healthcare databases..

    • This resource covers a wide range of topics such as Climate Change, Mental Health, Drugs, Alcohol and many other social issues in the form of Articles, Statistics and Related Web Links.

      Username:   westlothian

      Password:   westlothian

    • Good information on Psychology and sociology 

      Username and password required. Available from Learning Centre staff.
    • J. Paul Getty Museum's Open Content Program makes freely available over 109,000+ digital images from the J. Paul Getty Museum and Getty Research Institute.

    • The Digital Commons Network brings together free, full-text scholarly articles from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide. Curated by university librarians and their supporting institutions, 

    • Library Hub Discover brings together the catalogue of over 80 major UK research libraries: national, academic and specialist.

    • Digimap offers access to a range of datasets for the purposes of education and research. Create or interrogate a map online by selecting an appropriate base map, adding annotations and customising the content, use measurement and query tools to learn more about any study area.

      You will need to register before use.

    • DOAJ is a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals. DOAJ is independent. All funding is via donations, 40% of which comes from sponsors and 60% from members and publisher members. All DOAJ services are free of charge including being indexed in DOAJ. All data is freely available.

    • Directory of Open Access Books is a joint service of OAPEN, OpenEdition, CNRS and Aix-Marseille Université

    • Practice online for the British Citizen test.  Sign up for free.

    • Discover artworks, collections and stories from all around the world in a new way. Explore cultural treasures in extraordinary detail and easily share with your friends.

    • As the name suggests, this is a more scholarly Google .  It will provide access to lots of online journal articles etc which may support your studies.   If you have problems accessing the full articles, please contact the College Learning Centre staff who may able to help obtain this for you.

    • The Guggenheim offers art catalogues, essays on art history and more all freely available online

    • An up-to-date HABIA Health and Safety Resource for Beauty and Nails.  A paper copy is available on the shelves of the Learning Centre.  

    • An up-to-date HABIA Health and Safety Resource for Hairdressing and Barbering.  A paper copy is available on the shelves of the Learning Centre.  

    • This is an excellent resource covering contemporary social issues such as poverty, equality, homelessness etc.

      Username and password are available from the Learning Centre staff   Email:  Or it may also be listed in your course area in Moodle.

    • online social science database

      You will be able to access this resource using your College Office 365 username and password.  Use the login button at the top right hand side of the screen, then the  "use microsoft" option.

      For help to make the best use of this resource use the following guide  Welcome! - How to Use JSTOR - LibGuides at JSTOR

      Alternatively use the generic login details below:

      username  westlothian

      password  poloruva

    • Growing collection of Open Access journals covering topical areas

    • An online learning platform for Early Years Practitioners comprising of short webinars and courses that you can work through at your own pace e.g How Children Learn, Challenging Behaviour, Development Milestones etc. Simply use the search bar at the top of the Kinderly homepage to find topics that interest you. 

      User Name and Password is required. Please contact the or to get your account set up.

    • Kortext platform with access to approx. 10,000 curated Open Access (OA) and Open Educational Resources (OER) for the Further Education and Skills (FES) sector. 

    • The knowledge network is available to students who go on placement within the NHS and selected teaching staff. Registration details are available from the above link. If you need any assistance accessing and using this resource please speak to the Learning Centre staff.

    • Provides you with access to the library resources of Edinburgh Napier.  You can use this as a tool when searching for information.  The College Learning Centre staff can help obtaining any resource you may find.

    • Open educational resources include full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, ebooks audiobooks, streaming videos and films that are all available free to everyone.

    • The OAPEN Library contains freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of humanities and social sciences. OAPEN works with publishers to build a quality controlled collection of open access books, and provides services for publishers, libraries and research funders in the areas of deposit, quality assurance, dissemination, and digital preservation.

    • The Oxford Open series is a new flagship open access (OA) journal series from Oxford University Press (OUP). Journals in this series will further OUP’s mission to support excellence in research, scholarship, and education. This will be achieved by providing additional high quality, broad scope, fully OA venues for researchers to disseminate their work.

    • PubMed is a free resource supporting the search and retrieval of biomedical and life sciences literature with the aim of improving health–both globally and personally.

    • SSERC offers a broad portfolio of services, principally in support of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) areas of the curriculum.

      Username   WLC20189

      password  DECHmont91

    • A searchable archive of American Vogue, from the first issue in 1892 to the current month, reproduced in high-resolution colour page images.

    • VADS: free art and design images for education
      The VADS image collection provides over 100000 art and design images free for use in education, drawn from university and college art collections, museums..
    • e-Books, e-Talking books, e-Magazines and digital resources accessible 24/7.   All free of charge using your public library membership card.  Definitely worth a look.